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Eziwash EQ provides modern solutions to solve the challenges equestrians face when grooming and washing their horses. Our innovative, concentrated formulas allow targeted application to help your horse’s coat become cleaner, softer, and shinier.

Say goodbye to product wastage and hours of rinsing with Eziwash EQ.

Innovative horse shampoos and grooming products for clean and shiny horses

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Eziwash EQ shampoos help improve horse coat softness and shine

Premium Quality Equine Grooming Solutions

Spray is the new way

Our horse shampoo and grooming products were developed with your horse’s wellbeing in mind. Every product was specially formulated and made in-house in Australia. Our hands-on approach allowed us to carefully consider & test which high-quality ingredients to include in our formulas before creating each unique product.

Our products are available in economical spray bottles for easy application and minimal wastage. From our original formula to our whitening shampoo, Eziwash EQ is ready to revolutionize the equine grooming process.

Join the revolution in horse grooming by adding innovative products to your tack room. It’s time to ditch the thick, hard-to-rinse goop and embrace concentrated formulas in trigger spray bottles. Eziwash EQ’s biodegradable formulas help your horse’s coat look cleaner and shinier while also feeling softer.

Whether you own a mud monster, struggle to achieve a clean rinse, are short on time or have a limited water supply, Eziwash EQ has a perfect equine grooming product for you and your horse.

Eco friendly horse shampoos

Why Eziwash EQ Horse grooming products are Gamechangers

Innovative formulas for your equine grooming kit


Reduces disruption to skin microbiome

Saves time and water

Minimises product wastage

Targeted Application and rinsing

Economical Size

Biodegradable and eco friendly


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