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Our mission is to revolutionize the equine grooming process for owners and their horses with high quality, innovative products that are effective, perfectly balanced to protect the equine skin microbiome and environmentally friendly.

Having been in the equestrian grooming industry since 2006 with the cult favourite brand Hi Shine Equine, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a great grooming product, how to balance our formulations to deliver shine, softness & usability with the best raw materials that are gentle and beneficial for the horse’s hair & skin.  Eziwash EQ was conceptualised back in 2018, and now we are excited to finally bring it to you.

Eziwash EQ products are designed with Mother Nature in mind.  Sustainable ingredient selection, biodegradability profiles, and low impact on our  waterways and broader environment are high on our priority list.  We believe in ‘walking the walk’ with our product offerings, initiating a tangible change that will make ‘real world’ impact on our environment.

Join the revolution

Eziwash EQ isn’t just another brand, it’s a movement.  A new way to wash & groom for equestrians who believe in results, quality, environmental stewardship and the convenience of modern solutions.

Equine value pack contains The OG horse shampoo, Purple Haze horse shampoo and Eraser horse stain remover
Eco friendly horse shampoos

A NEW ERA : The Eziwash EQ Promise

At Eziwash EQ, we’re not just in the business of grooming; we’re here to revolutionize it. Our mission is clear: to transform the equine grooming experience with products that are not only good—they’re groundbreaking. Since our journey began in 2006 with the cult favourite Hi Shine Equine, we’ve been at the forefront of equestrian product innovation, perfecting products that customers and their horses love. 

Our new grooming solutions are incredibly effective.  Formulated to minimise disruption of the equine skin microbiome, maximise coat & hair shine, softness and health, we are committed to choosing sustainable, beneficial raw materials of the highest quality.  Our commitment doesn’t stop at game changing grooming results.

Eziwash EQ is designed with Mother Nature in mind.  Our products boast impressive biodegradability profiles, and a conscientious approach to protecting our waterways and the broader environment.  We prioritize ponies and performance while ensuring our products are as kind to the environment as they are to your horse.

Welcome to the Eziwash EQ family… Spray is the NEW way!

We invite you to join us in pioneering a new standard of equine grooming.

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