The ultimate washing solution for your horses: Eziwash EQ’s essential shampoos plus stain remover.

Your horse’s coat and skin are their first line of defence against disease and infections, so as an equestrian you’re aware of the importance of using quality, sustainable products.
While the end goal is a soft, shiny, and super clean coat, you also want to reduce the residue in your horse’s coat so they feel good.

Eziwash EQ’s latest value pack features two of our essential shampoos plus a gentle stain remover to help you achieve a clean horse with minimal product and water wastage.

The OG: Our revolutionary equine shampoo that helps transform your dirtiest horse into a cleaner and shinier version of themselves.
Purple Haze: A purple shampoo formulated to effortlessly remove stains and tone your horse’s lighter coat, patches, and socks.
Eraser: A no-rinse, super gentle stain remover for those last minute, show ring touch ups.


Common Sense Cautions:
Avoid Eziwash EQ products coming into contact with you or your horse’s eyes, mouth, ears etc. Keep out of reach of children so they’re not tempted to taste.


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