Horse shampoo that actually works!

Nobody likes a dry, brittle, or squeaky coat, especially on your favourite horse. This age-old problem requires a modern solution to help you achieve what you thought couldn’t be done: A soft, shiny, toned coat with minimal product wastage.

Eziwash EQ’s value pack contains two washing products to promote coat softness and shine as well as whiten and tone lighter coloured horses, choose your preferred combo:

The OG: Our revolutionary equine shampoo that removes dirt and residue plus helps your horse’s coat become cleaner and softer.

Purple Haze: An easy way to encourage whitening and shine on your lighter coloured horse without turning them permanently purple.

Common Sense Cautions:
Avoid Eziwash EQ products coming into contact with you or your horse’s: eyes, mouth, ears etc. Keep out of reach of children so they’re not tempted to taste.


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