Does your horse need a last minute make over or spot clean?

Eraser is the answer to your show day prayers.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you wash your horse, they still manage to get smudges, stains or a dollop of 💩 on themselves prior to entering the ring. When the clock is ticking you need to act fast – you don’t have time to grab buckets of warm water to rewash half a hind leg. What you need is a super gentle stain remover… Eraser.

Eraser is a no-rinse, concentrated spot remover made with a gentle, hypoallergenic formula.  You simply spray Eraser on the offending stains then rub before wiping away with a clean cloth. Designed to dry quickly with a natural looking (non sticky) sheen, nobody will notice your last-minute touch up with Eziwash EQ’s Eraser.  It’s perfect for sweat marks too.

Whether it’s pre-event prep, photoshoots, or a last-minute tidy up, Eraser is ready to help you spot clean until your horse gleams.

What to expect: A real life, touch up tool doing things you thought only photo editing apps could do.
How to use Eraser:
Spray, scrub, wipe, done. Pretend to be a miracle worker who keeps their horse 100% spotless 24/7.

Eraser is perfect for touch-ups, but The OG is the revolutionary equine shampoo that helps your horse’s coat become clean and shiny. For lighter coloured horses, check out Purple Haze.

Common Sense Cautions:
Avoid Eziwash EQ products coming into contact with you or your horse’s eyes, mouth, ears, etc.  If you have a sensitive soul, do a patch test before using new products. Keep out of reach of children.  Eziwash EQ products are not for human consumption, please don’t taste them.

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