Do you own a grey, white, or patchy pony? Or maybe your horse has socks or stockings?

Here’s how to easily whiten and tone your horse’s coat: Purple Haze.

Purple Haze doesn’t just sound magical – it’s revolutionary. We searched for the best purple horse shampoo for years before deciding, why not just create the formula ourselves?

Our concentrated, biodegradable formula is silicone free and contains special conditioning ingredients. Infused with Organic Nettle Extract and silk amino acids for hydration and shine, Purple Haze is a winner in promoting coat softness while achieving a whiter and brighter coat. As an equine spray shampoo, the trigger spray application ensures you may target exactly where your horse needs some extra washing, so you save on product each time.

Like the rest of the Eziwash EQ range, Purple Haze was designed to be economical and easy to use. Don’t worry about running out of this whitening horse shampoo halfway through washing because Purple Haze comes in a 500ml bottle. Purple Haze allows you to undertake many washes and accomplish a complete rinse with minimal water wastage and run off. No more frantic hosing followed by dozens of extra buckets of water to prevent your horse or pony turning purple in odd places.

If your horse has a yellow or manure-stained tail then it’s time to experience the full power of Purple Haze. Simply spray Purple Haze through the damp tail, gently massage, and allow to tone for several minutes prior to lathering and rinsing well.

What to expect: A whiter and brighter coat AKA a super shiny horse. Sensational silvery highlights if you’re a grey horse pro. Involuntarily humming a Jimmi Hendrix or Prince tune while washing your horse.
How to use Purple Haze:
Wet coat, lather and rinse with warm water for optimal results. Take a photo before your horse rolls in the mud or nobody will believe they were so clean.

If your horse is a bit of a mud monster and often manages to get themselves dirty prior to entering the show ring, check out Eziwash EQ’s quick and easy stain remover: Eraser 

Common Sense Cautions:
Purple Haze contains purple pigments, which could possibly cause staining on various things, such as your clothes, hands, hair, or even horse.  If purple is your brand…have at it.  Avoid Eziwash EQ products coming into contact with you or your horse’s eyes, mouth, ears etc.  As gentle as our products are, patch test first if your pony is a delicate petal. Keep out of reach of children.  Purple Haze smells particularly delicious… but please do not swallow.

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